Michigan Taxidermist AssociationAbout the Michigan Taxidermist Association

Established: 1982
Years in existence: 30
Members: 260
Officers: 4
Board Members: 10
Yearly Meetings: 8
State Competition: Held in March
Competition Location: Devos Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Benefits of Michigan Taxidermist Association:

In 1982 a group of like minded taxidermists banded together and formally created the Michigan Taxidermist Association.

The Michigan Taxidermist Association was founded on these principles:

+ To promote the high standards in the Art of Taxidermy.
+ To foster an understanding to the general public about the field of Taxidermy.
+ To assist the members of the Michigan Taxidermist Association and the general public in their understanding of the Federal and State, Fish and Game Laws.
+ To assist in the conservation of all our natural resources for the future generations.
+ To engage civic, charitable, educational and business activities.

The principals above have guided the Michigan Taxidermist Association for 30 years and continue to be the guiding force of the association. Through yearly competitions, regular meetings, hands on seminars and public presentations, the MTA gives back to it’s membership and to the citizens of the great state of MIchigan. As a result, many of the MTA’s members have achieved state, national and world championship titles.

The MTA also prides itself in the education of youth in the art of taxidermy. Focus on youth education, mentoring and competition not only introduces youth in the state to taxidermy, but grooms those youth throughout the years, creating industry professionals and award winning taxidermists.

Outstanding charitable work is a hallmark of the MTA. The membership devotes many hours per year for causes like The Dream Makers, Hunt of a Lifetime, Purple Heart Hunts and Wounded Warriors. This volunteer work touches the hearts of all of the MTA members involved and provides much needed leadership and services for worthy causes.

By-Laws of the Michigan Taxidermist Association

Article 1: Name, Purpose and Use of Revenue

The name of this Association shall be the Michigan Taxidermist Association, Hereinafter referred to as the MTA.

To provide educational training and learning opportunities about the Art of Taxidermy and related fields, including but not limited to the fur industry to its members and non-members through various outreach efforts and methods thereby facilitating higher industry end product standards. This will include:

A. The promotion of high standards in the Art of Taxidermy through competitions and educational training seminars and workshop specific to improving work quality to higher commercial and competition standards, and

B. To promote the learning, understanding, and acquisition of new methods, techniques, and procedures to improve taxidermy end product standards by the use of training seminars, workshops, presentations and other media conducted and prepared by recognized knowledgeable experts in the taxidermy industry, and

C. To provide learning and educational opportunities to the general public about the field of Taxidermy through the use of competitions, training seminars, workshops, presentations, and other media at public venues such as sporting shows, retail outlets, and sport organizations, and

D. To provide educational training seminars, workshops, presentations, and other media opportunities prepared and conducted by state and federal regulatory and legal specialist to assist the members and non-members in their understanding of the Federal and State, Fish and Game Laws, and

E. It will be the goal of the MTA to assist in any way possible the conservation of all our natural resources for the future generations, and

F. To accept donations such as educational scholarship awards (including monies) as shall be necessary to carry out the purpose of the MTA, and

G. To engage in such other civic, charitable (dream makers, hunt of a life time etc.), educational (such as the state 4-H program), and business activities that the MTA shall deem appropriate.

Use of Revenue: All funds and assets of the club shall be used only for purposes that are consistent with the purposes of the club and for actual administrative expenses in conducting the affairs of the club under the direction and with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Use of Revenue for lawful purpose: Revenues of the club shall not be used for the benefit of any individual, member or shareholder of the qualified organization except to further the lawful purposes of the club.

Revised 02-09-2014
Article II: Members

A member shall be defined as a person who is a practicing taxidermist or one who is oriented toward a related field. A member is defined as anyone who has paid the current dues for the current year as prescribed by the Board of Directors. A member in good standing will be in accordance to section X.

Members shall be defined as: Single and Family.
A. Membership. Defined as the member, his/her spouse/significant other, and minor children. The board and officers can define family memberships on a case by case basis as situations occur with individual families.

All members are expected to have the applicable permits (licenses) for taxidermy and related fields from the State and Federal authorities.

Each active membership shall have the right to vote on all matters affecting the operations of the MTA, which will be properly presented for their consideration at duly constituted meetings of the MTA.
Membership – 2 Votes by adults in attendance

Article III: Officers

The principal officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and such additional officers as the MTA may from time to time deem desirable.

The Officers/Board Members of the MTA shall be elected annually by the membership by ballot vote during the MTA convention membership meeting. They shall hold office until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified. No two offices may be held by the same person. Board of Directors positions are limited to a maximum of ten per year.

The President shall be the chief executive of the MTA. He/She shall preside at all MTA meetings and shall perform other duties as may be specified from time to time by the membership. He/She shall assign duties to other officers, board members and members as deemed appropriate

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the presidency in the absence of the president and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President or the membership. He/She shall perform the duties of the Competition Chairman.

The Secretary shall take accurate minutes of all meetings of the officers/board as well as membership meetings.

Additional duties are as follows:
A. Responsible for all correspondence to the membership and non-membership as necessary.
B. Maintaining a current portable file system, which among other things will include all records of correspondence and follow-up.
C. Publish notice of all future meetings and minutes of past meetings as necessary. D. All books, records and files shall be open to inspection by MTA members and the public.
E. Responsible for publishing of and/or assisting in the preparation of the MTA news and information to the current membership.
F. Shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President or the membership.

The treasurer shall have custody of the monetary donations of the MTA and all other property and records as specified in the current minutes.

Additional duties are as follows:
A. Responsible for accurate records of all receipts and disbursements of the MTA in financial books to be maintained for that purpose.
B. Will deposit all assets in the name and to the credit of the MTA.
C. Will disburse the monetary donations of the MTA, take proper vouchers therefore and render to the MTA such reports as they shall prescribe.
D. President shall co-sign all checks. E. Will open all books, records and vouchers for inspection by MTA members and the public.
F. Will render two (2) books exact copies, one for the Treasurer and one for the President with a full and detailed accounting of all receipts and expenditures and on a quarterly basis to all officers/board members showing the financial status of the MTA since the last report.
1. A monthly statement will also be sent to the President and a memo too accurately forecast financial planning and keeping the President informed.
G. Will reimburse expenses for officers/board members with in the proper guidelines providing such expense reports submitted are supported with proper receipts or true copies thereof.
1. Expense reimbursements subject to review at each board meeting and may require prior approval as deemed necessary of the membership at the next available meeting.
H. Shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President or the membership.

The membership coordinator shall be considered a principal officer and is expected to be present at all scheduled meetings excepting for excused absences as provided for by the bylaws.

The coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the MTA official up to date membership records on a meeting by meeting basis as close as possible with the records currently available. the maintained records shall include the member’s name (as defined in the effective bylaws), business name if provided by the member, mailing address, phone number, and email as may be provided by the member. The record for each member shall reflect whether or not the member’s membership fee is paid in full (including the amount) for the current year subscription.

Upon the receipt of a member’s renewal or new membership and after the member’s information has been recorded the coordinator shall submit the member’s payment to the treasurer for deposit into the MTA treasury.
The membership records shall be maintained in a spreadsheet format that can be easily provided for MTA purposes by the officers and board of directors.

Any officer of the association may be removed by the President and/or by the majority of the present board, at any time, with just cause. Subject to vote by majority of the membership at the next meeting.

Any vacancies on the board may be filled as determined and by appointment by the President, and shall run until the next election.

Any officer/board member may resign his/her office at any time by giving written notice thereof to the President. The resignation shall become effective upon the date specified therein, or if no date is specified upon receipt thereof by the President. Acceptance shall not be necessary to render the resignation effective.

A. Will abide by the State and Federal laws concerning my profession.
B. As a member, will deal with my customers and colleagues, courteously, helpfully and honestly. C. Will not accept work if it is beyond my ability to represent the species. D. Will do my part to conserve, promote and support wildlife and their habitat.
E. Will constantly find ways to upgrade my talents and methods of taxidermy and share this knowledge with other members by seminars, etc. in the interest of upgrading and promoting the Art of Taxidermy.
F. Will support the MTA and the professionalism it stands for and encourage others into the membership.
G. Any complaints received by the Board will be directed to the Ethics Committee (President, Vice President, Appointed Board member and appointed member) and will be investigated impartially with results presented at the next available officer/board meeting. Complaints may originate from other members or the public or both. Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, officers/board may elect to have member(s) in question present for his/her defense. Membership may be subject to revocation by unanimous vote of officers/board if the facts presented clearly show willful violation of the Code of Conduct by a MTA member. Violations of minor nature which appear frequent and habitual during a calendar year may be subjected to the above willful violation procedure, but no less than an official reprimand. It is the intent of the Association to promote and upgrade the Art of Taxidermy, both as an art and a profession.

A Board Member shall be defined as a person who represents the Michigan Taxidermist Association and serves the organization’s purpose.
Duties are as follows:
A. Board members shall attend all board and membership meetings. Board members may miss one meeting per term. Any additional absences will result in the board member compensating the association for 1/8th of their convention accommodations per absence.
B. Board members shall assume and perform duties designated by the MTA officers/board and or members.
C. Board members shall be responsible for their replacement if unable to perform designated duties.
Article IV Meetings

The membership meetings of the MTA shall be held 4 times a year, in the summer, fall, winter, and a competition meeting.

The summer, fall and winter meetings shall be held at such a place and hour, as the Association shall determine.

This meeting shall be at least a two (2) day exhibition/competition meeting for the members of the MTA. The exhibition portion of this meeting shall be open to the public. This meeting shall be held at a designated location.

The officers/board meetings shall be held the day of the regular membership meetings, on their own and at the exhibition/competition for a minimum total of eight. Meetings are open to the membership and will be published with date, time and location. Four officer board meetings will be held four times a year in between the general membership meetings.

Special meetings may be called at any time the officers/board sees fit. The membership shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting. The notice shall specify the date, place and hour of the meeting and the purpose(s) for which it is to convene.

Any action required to be taken at a meeting of the members or officers/board, may be taken without a meeting if a written consent, stating the action so taken, shall be signed by all the members, or officers/board as the case may be, who are entitled to vote with the respect thereof. Verification of consent may be made via phone, e-mail or in person to the President.

Board actions will require a 2/3 quorum of the officers/board members.

Article V Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the MTA shall be from the first day in January to the last day in December.

Article VI Dissolution
A resolution to dissolve this Association and wind up its affairs shall by initiated by resolution of the officers/board recommending such dissolution and directing that the question by submitted to a vote of the members. The resolution of dissolution shall thereafter be adopted by vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the MTA, at a meeting duly convened for that purpose, pursuant to written notice stating such purpose. Notice shall be given as provided in Article IV, Section V of these by-laws. Upon adoption of such resolution by the members, the association shall cease to conduct its business, except insofar as may be necessary for termination thereof. It shall immediately cause a notice of the proposed dissolution to be mailed to each of its creditors, and shall proceed to collect its assets and distribute them to another nonprofit organization as determined by the board.

Article VII Amendments
These by-laws may be amended by the majority vote of the MTA, provided that the substance of the amendment has been stated at a general membership meeting or throughout the course of the year in a notice and adopted by a majority of the membership at the next scheduled meeting.
These by-laws must be reviewed every five years and or revised by the Officers and Board as necessary.

______ History of Actions taken on bylaws:
Revised 11-05-2006
Approved 03-18-2007
Revised 01-27-2008
Revised 12-05-2010
Draft Revision 8/9/11 FOR 501(3)(C)
02/09/2014 Final Revision for 501(3)(C) approved by membership 01/12/2014

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