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dream makers

The Michigan Taxidermist Association’s Dream Makers was started when a couple lost their 11-year-old nephew named Timmy to the cancer called leukemia. A dream of Timmy’s was to be able to go hunting. But, before he could recognize his dream, he lost his battle with the disease. This couple approached the Michigan Taxidermist Association with an idea, to set up outdoor adventure trips so the terminally ill or physically challenged youth of our great state would be able to fulfill their dreams of hunting and fishing. The Members of the Michigan Taxidermist Association truly believe the youth of our state are our future, and what a better way of showing our beliefs than by helping make the dreams of kids come true.

Our focus is not only on the dreams of terminally ill or physically challenged kids, but socially challenged kids. The MTA, also includes our Veterans in our Dream Makers program to assist in the mounting of trophies.  We have partnered with other organizations like Hunt of a Lifetime, USSA, VFW, American Legion and others to mount trophies for individuals.

Together we can make dreams come true.

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John Crabb – 517-936-8837 – leigh1177@yahoo.com
Shannon Zerlaut – 231-821-2395 – applearrows@earthlink.net

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Dream Makers Stories

Reported by Doug Aven:

I met Drew and his family at Jay’s Sporting Goods on Sept. 11. They completely outfitted Drew with a hunting jacket, boots and camo clothing. On Sept. 25th, we met at Beck’s Whitetail Ranch in Dorr, Michigan for the hunt. At 8:27am, Drew harvested a beautiful 8 point buck. Using his crossbow, Drew made an accurate 12 yard shot on the buck. During the MTA’s taxidermy competition in Grand Rapids, Mike and Jason Zank mounted Drew’s buck. Then on April 16th, we delivered Drew’s finished mount to his home.

dream makers storiesThe following is a letter from Drew’s parents: We just wanted to tell you one more time how very much we appreciate the absolutely amazing job you did on Drew’s mount, and we wanted to thank you, too, for all your involvement from the beginning. You have been so good to us from the moment you first got involved and we just wanted you to know how incredibly grateful we are for everything you have done for Drew and for us. Thank you from the bottom or our hearts for your kindness and generosity.

Most Sincerely,

Chad, Angela & Drew